Amscope 40X to 2500X Trinocular LED Compound Microscope + 1.3MP Eyepiece

Amscope 40X to 2500X Trinocular LED Compound Microscope + 1.3MP Eyepiece

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Amscope 40X to 2500X Trinocular LED Compound Microscope with Siedentopf Head + 1.3MP Digital Eyepiece

Key Features:

  • 40X to 2500X achromatically-corrected magnification for studying a range of specimens including hair follicles, cells, and bacteria. 10X and 25X eyepieces provide 6 unique magnification settings.

    An economical microscope for students and professionals, the T120 packs high-quality optics and refined mechanics into a compact form.
  • Professional features include a Siedentopf triinocular head for precise adjustments, a 2-layer mechanical stage with low-position controls, and coaxial coarse and fine focus for ergonomics and an efficient workflow.
  • The trinocular photo port can be used to mount a camera without interfering with the eyepieces.
  • Monitor and capture photos and videos with the included 1.3MP digital eyepiece camera. Professional microscopy software for Windows, Mac, and Linux provide tools for image processing, measuring, and more.
The T120 trinocular compound microscope is designed for teaching demonstrations, clinical examinations and laboratory applications. It is an ideal microscope for teachers and students, including those in medical school or with a major in biology. It has a number of advancements in functionality compared to other microscopes in its class, such as enhanced LED lighting, centerable condenser, and Siedentopf head adjustments. Use the microscope for studying fixed or live cells, bacteria, plants and soil, or water samples.

To customize the microscope to your viewing comfort, the eyepiece spacing can be easily adjusted using a precision Siedentopf mechanism. A diopter is available on the left ocular tube to compensate for asymmetry, and the ocular tubes are angled at 30° to comfortably accommodate a seated position without neck strain. Various eyepieces can be used to increase the overall optical magnification. The trinocular photo-port adds a dedicated mounting tube for cameras. The 23mm tube is height-adjustable to fine-tune the focus to match the eyepieces.

The objective turret provides instant access to 4 magnification levels to easily focus in on minute details from 40X to 1000X. Additional 25X eyepieces expand the maximum magnification to 2500X with 6 unique levels. This covers magnifications needed for studying hair follicles, cells, and bacteria. These high-quality lenses are achromatically corrected to improve resolution and color accuracy.

The 2-layer mechanical stage provides smooth and precise movement for examination of specimen slides. The stage's low-position controls are conveniently placed near the coaxial focus knobs for a streamlined workflow. Examining specimen slides is intuitive and precise for users at any skill level.

The LED sub-stage lighting provides cool, energy-efficient illumination. The light-source is daylight balanced to produce natural colors for imaging. With our specially developed fly-eye lens, the light is evenly distributed at maximum brightness to improve contrast and resolution. Illumination is further enhanced by a centerable Abbe condenser, which can be realigned for any magnification to guarantee proper lighting.

Monitor and capture photos and videos with the included 1.3MP digital eyepiece camera. The compact, lightweight camera can be used in place of an eyepiece to watch live images, and to record photos or videos on your computer. This ability to view microscopic images on your computer reduces eye-strain, and allows groups of people to view images at the same time. Our professional software for Windows provides a wide assortment of capture and photo-editing functions including color correction, time-lapse capture, image stitching, and a full complement of measuring tools. A lite version of our software is available for Mac and Linux with essential functionality for capturing photos and videos.

Specifications :

  • Eyepieces: 10X, 25X
  • Objectives: Achromatic DIN 4X, 10X, 40X(S), 100X(S, Oil)
  • Head: 30 degree inclined 360 degree swiveling trinocular
  • Interpupillary distance: 2-1/8" - 3-1/8" (53mm - 77mm)
  • Adjustable ocular diopter
  • Photo Port: height-adjustable 23mm tube
  • Nosepiece: revolving quadruple port
  • Mechanical Stage: 3D double-layer with caliper, X-Y-Z movement
  • Stage Size: 4-5/8" x 5" (118mm x 127mm)  
  • Stage Travel Range (X-Y): 70mm x 21mm
  • Condenser: NA1.25 Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm
  • Transmitted Illumination: variable-intensity LED
  • Focusing: coaxial coarse & fine knobs on both sides
  • Power Supply: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 220V UK Plug w/ EU Adapter  (UL approved)
  • Dimension (not including trinocular port): 11" x 7" x 13-3/4" (280mm x 178mm x 350mm)

Camera Specifications

  • Sensor Type:     CMOS
  • Sensor: Optical Format  1/3"
  • Active Pixels:    1.3M (1280 x 1024)
  • Pixel Size:    3.6µm x 3.6µm
  • Active Sensor Area:   4.61mm x 3.69mm
  • Shutter:   electronic rolling shutter
  • Spectral Response:  380-650nm with IR-cut filter
  • Capture Resolution and Maximum Framerate:
  • 7.5fps @ 1280x1024
  • 12.5fps @ 1024x768
  • 12.5fps @ 800x600
  • Connectivity:     USB 2.0
  • Power:  5VDC over USB


OS Requirements:          Windows (32/64 bit) XP/Vista/7/8/10, Mac OS 10.8+, Linux kernel 3.13+

Hardware Requirements:            Intel Core2 2.8GHz or comparable processor, 4GB RAM


Windows Version

  • Live video preview
  • Captures still images and video
  • Time-lapse capture
  • Exposure and white-balance controls
  • Image processing
  • Measurement tools, including lines, arcs, polygons
  • Segmentation and counting tools
  • Image-stitching, extended depth-of-field, HDR


Mac/Linux Versions

  • Live video preview
  • Captures still images and video
  • Exposure control
  • Color adjustment
  • Measurement tools, including lines, arcs, polygons


Packing List:

  • One Siedentopf trinocular microscope head
  • One microscope body
  • Four objective lenses: 4X, 10X, 40X, 100X
  • One pair 10X eyepieces
  • One pair 25X eyepieces
  • One blue color filter
  • One dust cover
  • One sample immersion oil
  • One digital eyepiece camera
  • Two sizing adapters
  • One mini USB to USB type A cable
  • One software CD

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